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• Your on grounds request is not confirmed until the site holder has contacted our Accommodations Director at 1-800-461-4485 x124 to verify your volunteer stay.
• Confirmation of site reservation Name & Site Number is due by JUNE 19 or Kingdom Bound reserves the right not to make a reimbursement for your event ticket.
• There is an additional camping charge for more than 6 people staying on-grounds. This will be added to site holder's reservation.
• Please make arrangements directly with site holder for payment. Volunteer processing fee and on grounds charges are non refundable.

Please read items below and check each box to confirm you agree to the terms

• I understand and agree that submitting this form does not automatically register me as a volunteer and that Kingdom Bound Ministries reserves the right to accept or not accept a Volunteer Application with or without cause at the discretion of Kingdom Bound Ministries
• I the volunteer applicant, parent, guardian, legally responsible person or organization acknowledge that all the information in this application is true and accurate; and not provided by a third party.
• I authorize Kingdom Bound Ministries, Inc. and/or authorized personnel to complete at its discretion a criminal history, sex offender record check, motor vehicle check, professional licenses and reference checks. Records checks may be repeated at any time.
• I understand and agree that I will review the Volunteer Orientation, The Volunteer Protection Act, the Statement of Understanding, and Indemnification and agree to the contents, protections and liability contained therein.

• I understand and agree that discrimination, harassment, and abuse of any kind toward any person are not acceptable conduct and will report any incidents to my supervisor.
• I agree to conduct myself in a Christ like, family friendly manner at all times, and to submit to the leadership of Kingdom Bound Ministries
• I agree to pay for festival passes for entry into Kingdom Bound events if I attend Kingdom Bound and do not fulfill my volunteer obligation

• I understand and agree that counseling in any form is not permitted
• I understand and agree that I will not give out my personal information
• I am expected to refrain from being alone with someone during ministry
• I understand and agree that only married couples together may minister or transport someone of either gender

• I understand and agree that if a security situation should occur, I am not to detain, obstruct, or stop the person from leaving
• I will report suspicious activities to my supervisor
• I understand and agree to create the best possibilities for a safe and healthy environment, and report any injury, damage to property or safety concerns to my supervisor

By submitting this volunteer application, I understand, confirm, and accept of all the terms and conditions of Kingdom Bound Ministries